Serving Commercial Roofing Industry at exceptional level in experience, product knowledge and installation practices allowing us to design, implement and effectively execute projects from start to finish within budget and timeframe.  


New Construction & Replacement:

TPO Thermoplastic Membrane- reliable, cost effective solution


PVC Thermoplastic Membrane- withstands test of time, resisting toughest weather conditions and chemicals


EPDM Rubber Membrane- durability and flexibility, a smart roofing solution


SBS Bituminous Membrane- elasticity, made to withstand coldest environments


IRMA- insulated roof membrane assembly, modern high-rise system (BUR)


APP Bituminous Membrane- tremendous strength and weather-ability, tough and economical


LIQUID Applied Commercial Systems- seamless waterproof membranes ideal for confined urban spaces, numerous roof penetrations, restricted use of heat asphalt or heat welding


INSULATION & COVERBOARDS- meet R-Value requirements, PIMA, ASTM Type II, UL Class A

Certified Installers of:
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LICENSED                    INSURED                    BONDED                    FUNDED                    OSHA 30                     FDNY FIRE WATCH                 FDNY TORCH OPERATOR                 
Our Customers:
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